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              9:00 am Sunday School                                                                
        10:00 am Worship Experience      



        Bible Study                                                 

              7:30 pm  Tuesday


   Thursday at Noon (Lunch is served)



Our Services



Our Mission
Our mission as a community of faith is defined by the three “R’s”.

Reclamation – We reclaim people who have been lost to the cause of Christ.

Restoration – We provide a safe healing place for the bruised, the broken and the battered.

Reproduction – We call the reclaimed and the restored to give what they have received to others.

The Scriptures say that we are laborers together with God; in other words, we are God's chosen channels. Channels don't do anything. They are the means through which something is accomplished. The works is God's, but He utilizes human instrumentality. The instrument deserves no praise.

Everything for God's service comes from Him. Our work in the world is not what we do for Him, but what He does through us. God's life in is us, makes possible His life in others.

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