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I remember one Sunday afternoon we had an anniversary service at the church. A guest church shared in the fellowship with us. After I got home from the service, I received a telephone call from the guest preacher. One of his members had lost her keys, and he remembered me announcing that I had in my possession a set of keys that belonged to someone.

Many people are working hard to be safe and secure at the various stages of their lives.  The tragedy is that some people who are striving have lost the keys to happiness.




Losing things can be frustrating. Losing things cause more anxiety for the owner of the object than the lost object, because that which is lost usually doesn’t know that it is lost.

What is loss? To lose mean to L=leave O=our S= spirit E=empty.

Let me ask a question: As a people have we lost anything? As believers have we lost anything? In our relationships, have we lost anything?

Personally, have we lost anything? Are you as close to the Lord as you want to be? Could it be that you have misplaced your keys to spiritual happiness?

At this moment many people are experiencing loss. Loss of loved ones to Covid-19, loss of health, loss of jobs, and loss of faith. Just remember that God has provided us with staying power that enables us to rise above all of our challenges.


A luta continua ( the struggles continues).

Dr. Marion J. Franklin, Jr.

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